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Black Mirror Season 5 Review: Should Netflix Renew The Anthology For Season 6?

The success factor of Netflix’s infamous series Black Mirror is consistency. With every season, the crew just keeps improving on the direction and screenwriters are brilliant with their scripts. With only 2 episodes out so far, Black Mirror season 5 is already taking over fans’ hearts with mindblowing ideas and minimal plot holes.

The series the fifth installment has been a success among the rabid fans although, with just the 1st and 2nd episode, we expect no less from the third one as well. The cast in the first episode have been dropping pearls with their dialogue, acting and character evolution, Black Mirror hit the sweet spot just with that.

Now as we move on the next episodes, some of the nihilistic tones from the series are missing but nevertheless, it gets a clean chit for being watchable. Black Mirror’s fifth installment also features the famous pop singer Miley Cyrus also to be featured as a pop idol in the episode. And it seems that the episode featuring this idol is quite lousy on being compared to the other episodes.

In contrast of all this, is the season 5 a hit or a miss. It’s definitely a hit as fans never stop to watch this series. A sixth installment is planned for this series? When will it come out? No word has come out till date as no cliffhangers are left in the series. But with the excessive fanbase for this series, Netflix might soon be under pressure to start the works of the sixth season.

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