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E3 2019: Why Need For Speed Won’t Be Showcase At E3?

Need for Speed is also on the list which creating more than suspense. there is no prior information about its release and even the title. But there is something comes up with the game and we got you covered.

No Break for Need for Speed!

Need for speed got enough break as it’s the last installment of the game released back in 2017. Need for Speed payback which was having a different concept behind its release as the face of the lead shown twice. But now it is reported that we will see a new edition of the need for speed this year.


Ea community member Ben Walke confirmed the release through the social handle and indicated for more information on the title.

Why It won’t on E3?

Need for Speed developers Ghost Games are not in much hurry to reveal the game in public. Public here refers to the possible exhibition at E3 or some other mediums. Another reason for announcement delay is that the game is already in the works and they are hitting the brakes for unveiling the title.

Expected Release Date

However, the game is confirmed for 2019 release but the release date is not on the schedule right now. But the game is expected to come out late 2019 which is either November or December. So it is sure that we will be getting a new need for speed this year but when? it’s still debatable.

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Cops Vs Racers Mentality

Now the question is will the game have cops vs racers mentality in this edition? Need for speed trademark is illegal racing and cops chasing around. So if possible Need for Speed should go back to its roots and once again conquer the racing world.

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