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How Lionel Messi Can Still Manage To Win Ballon d’or?

Barcelona Talisman been tremendous this whole year but met a tragic end with such failures. However, he is still in the pole position to represent the podium at best player’s award. However, he failed in his major objectives but still a worthy contender for Baloon d’Or.

Top Scorer of UCL

He outclassed everyone in terms of goal scoring and brilliant performance in UCL campaign this season. He scored 12 goals which are highest in the competition and had  3 assists to his name.

European Golden Boot

He is also been phenomenal in the Spanish league as he clinched la-Liga’s highest scorer PIchichi award. He is also the top scorer in all European leagues and will claim his sixth golden boot award this season. He scored  36 goals and had assists in the competition, there is no one close to Messi as Suarez and Benzema finished second and third with 21 goals.

Exceptional Cases

If he wins Copa America

If Messi takes Argentina to the Copa America Glory then chances will enhance of having him on the podium. Messi had several failures with Argentina and didn’t have any major trophy with the national team. So its high time Messi has to prove everyone wrong and to overcome Barcelona elimination criticism in UCL.

If He beats Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil Van Dijk is the player who comes close to Messi in terms of overall performance. However, he is a defender but still played his part brilliantly and takes Liverpool to the glory for the 6th time. He is the PFA player of the season and a tough contender for the ceremony against Lionel Messi. But if somehow UCL would not be considered so Messi has the opportunity to take the accolade home for the 6th time. It depends upon France football, on what basis they will select the right contender.

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