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Important Considerations While Choosing A Lowrance HDI Transducer

The information on the Lowrance HDI transducer can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. The motto of this article is to present the different aspects of a transducer and put forward a viable recommendation on the model type you may need. These guidelines can be used for fixed mount and portable fish finders.

The transducers come in low and high frequencies. Generally, the low frequencies have a range between 50 and 100 kHz. Whereas 180 to 200 kHz is the range of models with higher frequency. Sound waves of lower frequency can cover greater distances. Penetrate more into the water. Low frequency = greater depth

If you buy a transducer separately or already have one, it is imperative on your part to ensure that it works well with your fish finder’s frequency guidelines. It is applicable to mounted models and portable fish finders too.

A Lowrance HDI transducer working principle surrounds the discharge of a sound wave in the form of an emitting beam that penetrates into the water. The emitted beam from the transducer takes the shape of a small arc. The area covered by the arc increases as the beam penetrates deeper into the water. If you trace the area that covers the beam on graph paper, you will find that it assumes the shape of a cone; hence it is termed as “cone angle”. Drawing a line from the cone tip to the cone bottom will give you centerline of the cone. The strength of the sound decreases as one move away from the centerline.

The angle of the cone is significant, as a wider angle will increase the​coverage area and therefore, the fish finder can see a larger area. The image clarity decreases as you move away from the center line.

Transducers with high-frequency feature a beam either in the form of a wide or narrow cone angle. If you go for fishing in shallow water, a model with high frequency (180 – 200 kHz), and narrower cone angle something between 20 to 30 degrees may serve your purpose well in shallow water. A cone angle with a narrower degree of incidence is ideal for producing a clear picture of what lies beneath your boat. If you are desirous of seeing through a larger area, then a wider cone angle is appropriate.

For deep-sea fishing, you most likely want to find as much water as possible in the shortest possible time. If you go for fishing in deep waters consider transducer with lower frequency something between 50 – 100 kHz and broader cone angle (40o – 60o) so that it covers a bigger horizontal distance. The combination is perfect for exploring deep waters, but you may not get an impressive definition. The good news is that it is possible to make the images clear with a fish finder having a sensitive screen.

The low frequency and wide cone angle settings have some limitations. For example, although it can reach greater depth and cover a wider area that takes it to the “general” area where the fish are, however it is more preferable to put the lines in front of the fish.

For deep-sea fishing, dual-frequency transducers are an excellent option. It will help you to look through a large volume of water and locate the area where the fish school is presently using a low-frequency beam configuration, and then, for greater accuracy, locate the depth and location using a narrow beam configuration for high clarity. For shallow water fishing, a double frequency transducer may not be very useful.

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