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Opera GX: First Gaming Browser Finally Arrived!

E3 is mostly known for gaming advancements including the latest games and gears used for gaming. But this year the event comes with a surprise as Opera revealed its Browser- Opera GX. It is exclusively designed for gamers and its controls whatever a gamer wants in a web browser.

Feature of Opera GX

Ram and CPU Limiter

Opera GX is the first introduced browser which has an in-built CPU and RAM limiter. GX lets you set the limits as hard and soft which is based on the amount of memory and CPU the browser can use. This a major factor in terms of memory usage and browser will have massive advantages.

Twitch Integration

Twitch is a live streaming platform mainly used by gamers to stream while playing games. You can easily access subscriptions and even get notifications if a streamer is going live. So it will be better now for the gamers to get in touch with their favorite streams.

Video Pop-Out

Opera GX will soon add a  bonus feature where users can have a floating window playing over games so the gamers can watch streams while you playing.

Ad Blocker

Opera GX will have an in-built feature of blocking the unnecessary ads in the browser. The most annoying stuff on the internet is Ads while surfing. But Opera GX promised to offer an ad-free experience.

Gaming SideBar

There will be a seperate sidebar for the gamers and it will everything consists of the gaming panel.

The Browser already rolled out, experience the new gaming browser as soon as possible.


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