Rainbow Six: Deathmatch Mode, Will It Happen?

Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six: Deathmatch Mode, Will It Happen?

Deathmatch mode is currently the most concerned feature nowadays and Rainbow six siege is one of the popular online tactical shooters who have various modes. But still, Tom Clancy’s masterpiece missing Deathmatch mode which can make the game more exciting 

Rainbow six compromises of Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Tactical Realism, Terrorist hunt, situations. So there is a wide range of modes in Rainbow Six but still, Deathmatch is missing and it’s quite frustrating for some fans.

Why Rainbow Six Siege should add Deathmatch mode?

Rainbow six is regarded as the best tactical shooter who cares about from amateurs to ranked game users. The game limited the users to enter the ranked section until level 25 so that a user gets used to the game and able to perform in ranked matches.

Deathmatch implementation is necessary for Rainbow Six Siege because:


Deathmatch is fun to play and consume lesser time and concentration of the game user. Deathmatch particularly played for a warm-up for ranked matches, so it would be a great addition. Most users play games for time killing and some of them don’t want to lose their rank, so they prefer Deathmatch over any other mode.

Improving Reflexes

Deathmatch has a massive benefit and it’s improving reflexes in matches, As Deathmatch requires much attention rather than other modes. Imagine yourself in a situation when an opponent suddenly comes to counter and eliminate you in the first place. So Deathmatch could be beneficial if added.

So It’s high time Rainbow SIx Siege should add Deathmatch to their game. However, many users demanded the same but developers don’t want this mode to be implemented.