FIFA 20: Will Neymar Be On The Cover Of Next Edition? See More Possible Contenders

FIFA 20 Cover, FIFA 20: Will Neymar Be On The Cover Of Next Edition? See More Possible Contenders

FIFA mainly compromises with the football stars especially, their Moves, their movements, and their faces are their utmost priority.

But Cover is the face of the popular franchise, with the likes of Rooney, Messi, and Ronaldo. But who will be on the cover of the next edition of FIFA?

However, Neymar was the face of FIFA 19 UCL intro campaign but never been on the front cover of the title in his career. Neymar Jr is rumored to be on cover next season as in the mid-season of FIFA 19 he was on the cover of the game. Due to the removal of Cristiano Ronaldo as he’s been charged with rape allegations, so this time Neymar could be the fresh face of the franchise.

Some of the otherĀ  worthy contenders are :

Kylian Mbappe

Another Frenchman who won the world cup last year and now he’s been on the verge of winning European golden boot this season. Mbappe did everything to be on top, so this could be a turn in his career and he could be on the cover of FIFA 20 this year.

Muhammad Salah

Muhammad Salah proved himself from past two seasons, winning two back to back Premier league golden boots. He is the most worthy contender to be on the top for next FIFA cover, we will not get surprised if he will turn out on cover this year.

Liverpool Players

One of the Liverpool Players could be on the cover of FIFA 20 as well. There are many contenders to be on board for the FIFA franchise. Especially Virgil Van Dijk could be the face for the Reds in next edition of FIFA 20.

Manchester City Players

If you are counting on Liverpool then how can you forget Manchester city players. One of them could be possibly on the cover of FIFA 20.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If FIFA extends his contract on the cover page, as they did with Messi, then he will on the cover page again. It is highly unlikely with FIFA that they could extend the contract but the odds are against Ronaldo with his previous antics.