Marvel Breaks The Internet With These Cryptic Reports

, Marvel Breaks The Internet With These Cryptic Reports

Recently Marvel broke the internet by posting this following post on twitter. This was published about 4 hours ago and it has been trending since its release. So, let’s break down what Marvel is trying to tell us by posting this post.

Now, with this post, Marvel makes it seem like this was confidential information which was leaked online, but as they have posted it by themselves so its not really a leak. So the document says Test/Do Not Publish and then in Roman Numerals its written 24569. So when you open the document you see some cryptic coding sort of thing. But, if you go further on you will see that the first document is labeled Weapon 1 which is Captain America, the second document is labeled Weapon X which is Wolverine and the third one is Weapon XIII or 13 which is Charlie Cluster which is the alter ego of the Phantom X. All the information is redacted and we do not get a complete look but you can pretty much figure out what they are trying to imply.

This post means that Marvel is going to introduce X-Men into the MCU pretty soon. Write down in the comments below what you think about the news and how long will it take for Marvel to introduce X-Men into the MCU.