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Why “I Am Iron Man” Were Tony Stark’s Last Words in Avengers Endgame

In Avengers Endgame when Tony Stark gets the infinity stones, right before snapping his fingers he says the words, “I Am Iron Man” and then snaps his fingers. But, what were his original lines in this particular scene and why were these lines changed? Let’s break it down.

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So, recently it was revealed that they did a  reshoot of that scene and originally when he snaps his fingers, he would have said “F**K You Thanos” and then would have snapped his fingers. This would have been the first time the scriptwriters would have used the F word in MCU Movies. But, later on, the directors thought that as they are ending Tony Stark’s arc in Avengers Endgame, he deserves a better ending. So F**K YOU Thanos was replaced by I Am Iron Man. And I Am Iron Man sounds better because of this is what he has been saying throughout his storyline in the MCU starting from Iron Man 1 which came out in 2008.

So ultimately F**K You Thanos was replaced by I Am Iron Man and then he snaps his fingers and erases all of Thanos’s army including Thanos. This line was Tony Stark’s last words in Avengers Endgame and it pretty much gave goosebumps to everyone who watched Avengers Endgame. Write down in the comments below your thoughts on this line.

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