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Why Final Destination 6 Will Never Happen! Here’s The Real Reason

Final Destination without any doubt is one of the highest grossing films in its time. No other movie has ever come up with something so unique and amazing which send chills all throughout the body of the viewers.

What Are The Reasons Why Final Destination Won’t Take Place?

Tony Todd had clearly mentioned that though Final Destination has always remained a hit it is unlikely to make a comeback. He said that it is really an expensive movie to shoot. When the Final Destination Traffic accident was shot it took almost five weeks and 2 million bucks to shoot the scene. Therefore it is both a waste of ample amount of time as well as money because the accidents need to look realistic.

Tony Todd also explained the differences between other horror movies and Final Destination. He said that films like Anabelle which just focuses on one doll and revolves the entire story around it is way cheaper and still u can make a lot of money out of it.

The Final Destination was profitable no doubt, but if the profit margin is bigger on the part of Conjuring and Blumhouse films, then those are what Hollywood prefer now than Final Destinations.

Tony Todd still does not lose hope on bringing a Final Destination series back to its form. In fact, he says that if there is a chance to reform it then he would definitely like to work on it again. 

Time will gradually let each and every fan of Final Destination whether it will have a cameo despite all its flaws.

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