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X-Men Editor Planned A Solo Beast Movie For Nicholas Hoult!! Here’s The Full Script

Nicholas Hoult recently became a huge celebrity by playing the character of The beast in the recent X-Men reboot movies. But, that not all the directors and screenwriters had planned for him. Apparently, the editor of X-Men movies John Ottman had a solo Beast movie planned for him which picks up immediately after X-Men Days of Future Past. Sadly the movie never made it past the screenwriters and the directors and this project was never given a green light by the studio. Here’s the complete script for the movie.

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The film opened with an homage to The Thing before going back to Beast in the middle of a training session in the Danger Room where he begins to lose control of his powers. He has shared his repressor serum with another scientist who has a similar mutation but must now go track him down after learning that he is terrorizing an Inuit village. Beast recruits Wolverine to fight the other mutant, while Professor X, Mystique, and even Jubilee have roles. Lastly, there is a post-credits tease that Mr. Sinister has been watching all of this unfold. If the film was successful, they had plans for Omega Red down the road. While the lower budget and spinoff nature with several X-Men cameos could’ve made for a solid addition to the franchise, this is still an early version of the script and might have evolved in several different ways. One of the potential benefits of the film for the longevity of the franchise could’ve been the chance to recast Wolverine with a younger actor. This was something Matthew Vaughn planned to do with his abandoned plans for the franchise. A new Wolverine in this new timeline would have opened the doors for the X-Men franchise to do whatever they wanted with the character. Ultimately, a Beast solo movie is just a fun what-if scenario for the X-Men universe that could have had more significant implications on the franchise with a Mr. Sinister set up, a younger Wolverine, and more.

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The required budget for the movie was $90 Million, but the studio never gave it a green light, and it never went into production. Write down in the comments below if you think that solo Beast movie would have had an impact on the franchise and the studio.

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