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Coldplay Member Chris Martin And Dakota Johnson Ended Their Relationship On A Bad Note! Here’s The Truth Behind The Story

Coldplay member Chris Martin and his former actress girlfriend Dakota Johnson called it quits on their relationship earlier this month. A few sources claimed that the ’50 Shades of Grey’ actress wasn’t ready to have children. The actress, 29, and the singer, 42, were ‘deeply in love’ before the whole ‘having a child’ fiasco happened.

The two had always been on the same page and were inseparable. A source reported that Chris was adamant about having kids as soon as possible, but on the other hand, Dakota had a lot more to sacrifice because of her career as an actress. Dakota reportedly wanted to take things slow because of her soaring career.

The former couple was tired of arguing over this issue and it had been a couple of months. Chris was married to Iron-Man star Gwyneth Paltrow for 13 years. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have two children together: Apple, 14, and son Moses, 12.

An insider claimed that the relationship between Chris and Dakota had been unstable for days. Both we headed in two opposite directions before coming to a realization that it won’t work out. The two were also planning to move into a Malibu beach house after settling their differences. However, the couple split a few days ago because Dakota wanted to focus solely on her career.

Chris and Dakota were head over heels for each other but the couple decided to end things for the best. The news came out earlier this month when Chris revealed to his pals that he was single again. The two had been dating for two years before coming to this decision.

Dakota and Chris reportedly talked about engagement but their breakup took everyone by surprise.

Image Source- Harper’s Bazaar

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