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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Are Back With Another Summer Bop!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been teasing their fans with few clips of what seems like a new music video. Camila recently posted a slip where she is playing a waitress, and Shawn is the customer. The atmosphere of the music video seemed a bit tensed but in a good way. A teaser released showed the pair in a compromised position. The singers then confirmed the news and released the album art of the song named Senorita.

Furthermore, fan theories suggest that the new song might be very sensual and intimate. Also, it will be the couple’s second collaboration together after “I Know What You Did Last Summer” which was also a massive hit.

When Cabello posted a short clip of the music clip, Benny Blanco has commented, “hmmmmm…wonder what this is”. Hence, could it be possible that this is a collaboration between Shawn, Camila and Blanco?

There couldn’t be a perfect time to release a summer song. The song will release on 21st June 2019. There is a high possibility that the music video and the song itself might be very different from the teasers they’ve been giving us. Because of many artists that done this previously. But No matter whether the song with he a ballad or generic pop, we’re sure it will be an amazing collaboration.

Over the years, both Shawn and Camila have proven themselves as great musicians. hence, that’s why fans aren’t all that worried about the genre of the song. Both the artist has a great sense of music and their songs individually are super catchy. Now all us fans have to do is wait until midnight to be able to hear this gem.


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