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Emma Watson Shares First Look Of ‘Little Women’! Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh And Meryl Streep Shine In The Star Studded Cast First Look

Emma Watson took out to her Instagram to share the first look of her upcoming film going by the name Little Women. Even Vanity Fair shared a series of photos from the film featuring Emma Watson, Maryl Streep, Timothee Chalamet, Laura Dern and Saoirse Ronan.

The photo which Emma Watson shared seems that all the sisters are looking towards something. Vanity Fair also shared some glimpses from the movie where the four sisters are holding baskets. The movie is said to go like the novel, which tells the story of four sisters growing up in 1860s Massachusetts including romance, little fight, and life’s hard truths.

“I’m finding it very exciting to go from being not only the only young person usually in the film, but — I haven’t always been the only girl, but I’ve usually been the only young person,” said Saoirse Ronan after filming her part in late 2018.

Saoirse also shared a hilarious bite about Maryl from the day when she wasn’t on set. She said that they had Wendy’s once on set when all of them were starving. There was a photograph of Maryl in the hair and makeup frock with a bag of chips.

Emma Watson has been sharing the first look of her upcoming movie all over her social media. She’s been posting a story of the same picture tagging the official film account going by the name ‘littlewomenmovie.’ The actress seems quite excited as it stars multiple faces and word is that all of them have done a great job. The movie hits the silver screen on December 25.

Image Source- popularindinews.com

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