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GTA 6: These Widespread Rumored Features Will Never Come In GTA 6! Here’s The List

GTA 6 features rumors are on a high note and every fan losing its calm over it. There will be many implications in the game and some features are expected to be on the game list. But some rumored features will remain rumors as there are no higher chances of them becoming a reality.

Cheat Deactivation

GTA modified the way cheat is implemented in their respective series of the game. In the Vice City and GTA San Andreas cheats code been used on the basis of special codes. Whereas GTA 4 and GTA 5 cellphone played a major role in order to activate the cheats. Now it is rumored that cheats will not work on GTA onwards which could shake the shape of the whole gameplay.

Female Protagonist

it is reported that for the first time a female lead will be in the characters list of GTA 6. But currently, it is regarded as a long-running rumor. So currently female character on board is not really happening and if this will happen. Then the game will be much more appealing than the previous versions of GTA. Adding a female character will be great for the game’s storyline and fans seem excited about it. It is one of the most impossible scenarios of the game and never tend to happen.


There’s no information about where GTA will take place, It is Vice City and Liberty City.  Later it becomes Miami and New York and now it is rumored that Tokyo will be the city where GTA 6 will take place. Back in 2016, there was a project known as GTA: Tokyo and the developers took the idea into consideration. So it is possible that all these mentioned places will not be the desired location for the game.

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