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Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite: AR Masterpiece All Set To Release!

You may remember Pokemon Go in which you carried your smartphone up in the air and trying to search some pokemon and catch them. It is an Augmented Reality (AR) based game which tends the functioning of creating an interface between user and environment.

The team behind the success of Pokemon Go will take you down the memory lane by bringing one more AR based game. But this time you will witness the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the game:


Here is the trailer of the game which was released last year November.

Cinematic Trailer




Like Pokemon Go, it is available only on IOS and Android.


It is also based on AR technology and pretty similar to Pokemon Go, The game built upon Niantic’s real-world engine, It’s more than just a reskin though, the new title has a dark, sandy feel that fits the Wizarding World perfectly, and you’ll spot little items like owls and memos flying overhead that remind you of the magic around you. Likewise in Pokemon GO, where you find pokemon to catch.

The game will give you AR-powered encounters with realistically rendered 3D models of artifacts, people and magical creature. Instead of throwing Pokeballs, you have to cast spells to Dispel Magic around you and return the item to its proper place in the Wizarding World.

So that year was the Pokemon’s but this year you might casting your spells to unlock the magic. Game is out this Friday and get ready your wands to experience the adventure.

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