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Justin Bieber Gave This Hilarious Gift To Manager Scooter Braun On His Birthday!

Justin Bieber gave a very Bieber-y gift to his manager Scooter Braun on the occasion of his 38th birthday. The music mogul received a framed shirtless photo of Bieber wearing only pants; quite the 38th birthday present. But really what does one gift a guy that’s got everything.

Justin made all of us remember that he was previously modeling for Calvin Klein Boxers. Even though it wasn’t his day he still took the limelight away from his boss; giving a shout out to himself and his ‘awesomeness’.
The photo read, “Happy Birthday Sco0ter. You’re welcome, I’m awes0me”. Justin really knows how to honor someone on their birthday.

Along with Justin, many other stars also wished Scooter including, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Usher, and Mila Kunis. Although there weren’t any reports of odd gifts made to Scooter. Justin had also recently asked Tom Cruise to a duel before retracting his comments, as we do.

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Taking the fight to Twitter, Justin had challenged Tom to a match in the ring while simultaneously asking for support from promoters to organize the rounds. Justin also went on to say that if Tom doesn’t accept this fight then he’s scared and will never live it down.

He later very comically insisted that it was a joke and he was sure that Tom, a.k.a. the Jack Reacher would whoop his ass in a fight. Justin and Tom were and are on good terms and this ’bout’ was again just one of those just Justin things.

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