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Justin Bieber Gifts Manager Scooter Braun A Topless Photo Of Himself On Birthday!

Justin Bieber has always been weird and celebrates people’s birthday’s in a weird way too. So what do you expect the music legend to gift a man something on his birthday who already has almost everything?

The Let Me Love You singer has once campaigned for Calvin Klein boxers. If you’ve been following him or not, you might be knowing it. So what Justin did is to hand over a framed photo of the campaign as a birthday present to his boss. He also took out time to wish the record executive on his big day.

“Happy Birthday, Scooter … You’re welcome I’m awesome,” said the caption that was supposed to be for Scooter Braun’s birthday by Justin.

Scooter was joined by a bunch of famous people that night, the names including Usher, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and definitely the Sorry singer.

Might be only Justin, but it’s odd if anyone else left the house giving a framed picture in their pants.

Remember when Justin challenged Tom Cruise to fight in Octagon and quickly came back to his senses and said that he was only playing around. He cleared that doesn’t really want to fight Jack Reacher all the same and said the man had dad’s strength. He’d be instantly torn into pieces if he wishes to fight against Tom with his skinny body.

Justin’s grabbing all the attention these days with his ‘playing around’ statements or his framed topless pictures. We wonder what might be the singer’s intention behind all these.

Image Source- NME.com

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