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Netflix Just Revealed The July ‘New On Netflix Cards’ And We Can’t Spot 13 Reasons Why In It!

Netflix, the streaming giant is hitting the screens this July and many shows which have been anticipated for a long time are also here. Netflix has released cards on the 19th of June, 2019 i.e. yesterday featuring many TV shows, films, kids and family entertainment, etc..

The list includes the highly anticipated third run of the very much loved thriller series, Stranger Things. Many shows have been renewed and are coming to Netflix this back to school season. Orange is the New Black is not everyone’s cup of tea, but its seventh installment is hitting the screens by the end of this July.

Do you remember the show which had it’s story completed but was extended due by the streaming giant? Yes, it’s about 13 Reasons Why and Netflix has teased the season 3 of this show coming out soon. Nothing was known about the show’s third run and after a year Netflix teased that season 3 is coming soon. This made fans more anticipated for the series.

The show ended with a cliffhanger and has left fans in a state of a dilemma what was going to happen next. Although season 2 was bad, leaving a show with loose ends ain’t right. Everyone’s theory that the third installment should come out in June but that didn’t happen, so we thought it’d be July. The July cards also don’t seem to have information about the teen drama so no news is out on the series yet.

So when will Netflix finally announce the third run of the show? Anytime soon in August? Or maybe later. Let’s hope it comes out as soon as possible.

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