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Reddit User Teases The Appearance Of Doctor Strange In Spider-Man: Far From Home! And This Theory Seems Reliable Enough!

It makes a very distinct statement Spiderman: Far From Home trails, both international and domestic, it is that Peter Parker doesn’t know what it needs to cover Iron Man and save the world. He has Mysterio, Nick Fury and Maria Hill in helping him, but Peter is more than prepared to hand this one on, still handling the repercussions of Avengers: Endgame.

A fresh Far From Home TV spot on the Chinese market revels earlier unreleased scenes from the film, one in which Nick and Maria tell Peter that other heroes are bound up with no assistance of any sort.

Peter had previously asked Thor and Captain Marvel about previous trailers, but he’s adding another mighty hero: Doctor Strange. Nick and Maria shut him down, unsurprisingly, saying to Peter they either do not have to bother themselves, or they are “inaccessible,” in the event of Doctor Strange, according to Maria.

Well, a Reddit user has posted some of the spoilers of the upcoming movie and there he clearly mentioned that Doctor Strange will also be a part of the movie.

This might sound like a reverse line, but it could have great consequences for Phase 4 of Marvel’s story and, in specific, for Strange 2. We understand already that Thor is all attached to the guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain Marvel probably helps those in need elsewhere in the cosmos. But the jury still doesn’t know what Doctor Strange is doing during Spider-Man: Far From Home after Endgame.

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Doctor Strange will definitely do a lot in his first post-endgame mission anyway. It looks like Peter will truly have to adapt and deal with the threat of Elementals alone.

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