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Spider-Man 4: Are We Finally Getting A Fourth Film With Our Favorite Spider-Man Tobey Maguire? Will Anne Hathaway Also Be A Part Of This Film?

Okay, we might have TWO favourite Spider-Men. Obviously, one being Tobey Maguire and the other Tom Holland but we haven’t seen Tobey play the superhero since 2007. It has been quite a while now, so much that people have lost hope for seeing him play it again.

The actor was the first ever to play the web-shooting superhero. From where did the fourth film rumours start? Well, we have MarvelComics to blame. Marvel recently posted a picture of “4” in a spiderweb-based Font, on their twitter account. The MCU fans literally went into a jaw dropped shock.

Furthermore, the reactions towards this news were roaring. Esquire recently wrote that “everything about the picture seems to line up with Tobey’s iteration of Spider-Man,”. But the confusion lies on whether it is a comic book or is it a fourth feature film.

Fans are heavily leaning towards a fourth film because they’ve desperately wanted a follow up to the third one for a long time now. Many were unhappy with Spider-Man 3, but none the less it did great at the box office. Also, critics have said that if there is ever to be a Spider-Man 4, it will likely be a sequel to the third one. But, as years passed, the need for the fourth film faded.

Above all, if the fourth film is made, it’s highly likely that Sam Raimi will be cast, he also thought that Anne Hathaway would make a great Felicia Hardy and John Malkovich would play The Vulture. Though absolutely nothing has been confirmed yet, us fans are keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully, MCU will soon give us more details over the “4” picture.

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