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Toy Story 4: They Promised It Would Be A Joyful Ride, And It Indeed Is!

Toy Story franchise has been every person’s whole childhood. The movie has always been that one movie every kid watched when they were young. Even now, the dialogue “To infinity…and beyond!” is still said by many kids. The movie set a whole different standard for animated films. Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear have done an amazing role to engrave those characters in our minds. In 2019, we celebrate the fourth Toy Story movie.

The third film ‘Toy Story 3’ was released 11 years after the second one. Above all, ‘Toy Story 4′ is with us nine years after the release of the third film.

Furthermore, no one expected there to be the fourth film. Many were extremely said when there was no news for the 4th film but they were overjoyed over the fact that they’re finally getting the fourth part and that too with the same characters. The movie’s plot revolves around) who owns the collection of toys. woody is going through a lot this time.

Subjects like his forced retirement and him being something no one plays with are clearly portrayed. While, the other toys try to make Woody feel better, letting him know that they will always love him, the sheriff is a tough cookie to crack. As usual, the movie has amazing underlining about self-identity and acceptance.


All the toys go on a trip and are encountered with a variety of events. The comedy between the toys because of this turn of events is hilarious and brings in the light-subject factor. Therefore, the movie is a whole package and you won’t regret watching it. It is definitely a meaningful movie with a great ‘moral of the story’.

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