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Benedict Cumberbatch To Have An Important Role In Spider-man Far From Home

Spider-man Far From Home is only 2 weeks away from hitting the theaters. The first reviews for the film are out and the movie is simply Jawdropping. Here’s why Benedict Cumberbatch will have an important role as Doctor Strange in Spider-man Far From Home. So, Let’s break it down.

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So, there have been many rumors going on that say that Doctor Strange will be in Spider-man Far From Home and he will have an important role to play in the movie. Recently a fan who was in the early screening said, “Mysterio’s magic is very similar to Doctor Strange’s Magic”. So, according to comics, The Ancient One was the one who trained Mysterio like he trained Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange can also enter different dimensional like Mysterio. Spider-man also mentions in the trailer saying that why don’t we call Doctor Strange to help us, and Nick Fury says that He is unavailable. So, later in the movie, Spiderman might get to know that Mysterio is evil. So, ideally, he has to take Doctor Strange’s help as Spiderman doesn’t know Magic and Doctor Strange is the only one who can help Spider-man.

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So, this is just a rumor and it is not yet confirmed that Doctor Strange will be in the movie or not. Write down in the comments below if you think we would see Doctor Strange in Spider-man Far From Home.

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