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FIFA 20: Facts About The Game That Will Blow Your Mind.

FIFA all set to release and the game is going to do so many wonders this year. But there are some unbelievable facts about the game.

Teams Licenses

FIFA 20 tried to acquire licences of some teams which are already licensed through PES. Clubs like Barcelona, Liverpool and Arsenal are on the list.

Free Kick Overhaul

It was reported that the game had no intentions to modify the free kick and penalty system. But users requests made these changes in this edition.


FIFA 20 is conducting a soundtrack poll to implement user’s choice soundtrack in the game.

Street Mode Confirmed

There was just a little session of FIFA street in the journey section of the game. This edition is so much appreciated by the fans and they will love that street mode introduced in the FIFA 20. FIFA Street is also another franchise of FIFA but its not on their plate anymore. So adding street mode in the FIFA 20 be a bonus for fans and it could be a moment of rejoicing for them as two games merged in one.

FIFA 20 comprises of street football “Volta” which will be only available on every platform except Nintendo Switch. There are chances that FIFA street mode’s gameplay will be at E3 for sure. This could be a turning point for EA sports as it’s the much awaited on the franchise.

European League License

FIFA has a contract with UEFA for the likeliness of the theme of the official Champions and Europa league. it is reported that the agreement is on a long term basis and there are more years to come for UCL in FIFA.

Major Changes

FIFA 20 promised to bring some more changes to the popular franchise as there will be some adjustments in the impact engine. Online issues also considered for the rectification and FIFA 20 could be the best the fans will get.

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