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Is Selena Gomez The Reason Behind The Conflicts Between Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin! Is Justin Rethinking Over His Marriage With Hailey Because Of Ex-Girlfriend Selena?

When it comes to relationship conflicts there is always talk about Justin Bieber and his past relationships. In the past, he used to date the singing star Selena Gomez but due to some unexpected things they chose to separate their paths and move away.

During their relationship timeline fans used to always think that they would end up with each other together but that didn’t happen.

Justin Bieber moved on to marry Hailey Baldwin afterwards. This shook his fan base as they were never expecting them to be together forever.

After marrying Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber was surrounded by controversies because of the break up with Selena.

Soon after the marriage, the rumours started to spread that Justin Bieber is not happy with his marriage with Hailey Baldwin. Though this has not been public yet, the rumour is spreading rapidly and created a huge impact on his fans.

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Few of his fans always considered that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber looked great together. During their timeline, they had to face lots of ups and downs that is why they chose to move away with each other.

In his recent talks, Justin mentioned that he has been going through depression and stress that is why his life is completely messed up.

His relationship and marriage life has created not only controversies but also had a huge impact on the singer’s mind.

Hope’s he work this out soon and come out with all this.

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