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Kevin Feige Wants Keanu Reeves To Play This Iconic Character In MCU! Is Keanu Reeves The Next Robert Downey Jr. Of MCU!

Keanu Reeves or John Wick is a global treasure and personality and quite possibly an immortal actor who will be known for centuries. Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person alive in Hollywood. Reeves has had a stellar and star shining career in the Hollywood industry for over the last 30 plus years.

He has had roles in absolutely action movies in each of the last three decades. He has been playing some of the most iconic characters in recent cinema history. And he has tipped toed in the superhero world with his take on DC’s Constantine the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But this has yet to be graced with his presence. It can’t be reported that they haven’t tried, though.

While out promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home, Kevin Feige The president of the Marcel Studios (our favourite MCU) was asked about the chance of Reeves joining the MCU during an interview with ComicBook. Feige had a revealing answer that is sure to make fans very happy. He said he definitely wants the talented actor in the Marvel Universe Movies.

There is a rumour and there are many speculations by online tabloids that Reeves is up for a big role in The Eternals which Feige has neither confirmed nor denied.

Image Source- Nerdist

Well, we wonder why is that so! We do know that Keanu was the first choice for Yonn Rogg, but the actor has a busy and hectic schedule always lined up for him. As the actor is scheduled for shooting John Wick 3 conflicted, so the role instead went to Jude Law. Whatever role that Reeves gets on his shoulder we know the actor is going to smash it!

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