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PUBG PC: Common Myths About The Game

PUBG PC is getting popular and popular and so does its myths and misconceptions. There are so many myths regarding the game and people still believe that they are right regarding their myths.

Myths only are developed by those who played the game and those who just saw a world of the ghost, unlike the game.

Myths Among People Who Didn’t Ever Play The Game


The game can Be Pase and everything will remain the same just like other games. This is one of the biggest myths among those who didn’t even try the game.

Violent Nature

Those who don’t play the game tend to find people violent who used to play the game. But this is nothing than a fake perception of the non-players.

Players Myths

High-Speed Internet

Players of the game are believed that the game requires a high-speed internet connection. but the truth is that the game requires a stable internet connection, not a high-speed one. There is much difference between a stable and high-speed connection. The high-speed connection doesn’t guarantee the ping value in the game as ping is an indispensable factor.


Some Players think that the PUBG is all about killing, it tends to have more fun and enjoyable whether the player died in the first 5 minutes. But it’s been satisfactory for the people if they got killed after 10 kills.

Camping Myth

Everyone in the game hates campers and everyone wants to be one of them if the situation becomes critical. Some of them believed that Campers are the biggest noobs of the game and they only kill with cheat.

Grenades and Smoke Bombs

Many people never tend to have grenades and smoke bombs in their backpacks. As they believe they are not worth the space occupation and useless. But these are the massive tools which can help you out with any situations.

Energy Drinks and Painkillers

Boosters like Drinks and Painkillers only for recovering health from 75% to 100%. But they also tend to boost more than 60% of your movements too

Mobile Version is Easy

PUBG PC players always tend to find PUBG mobile easier than the PC version. It could actually be true as PC version have quick reflexes in response to an attack.

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