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Spider-man Far From Home Early Reviews, No Spoilers!!

Spider-man Far From Home is just 2 weeks away from its release and now we finally have the first reviews come in about the movie. These reviews are from the test audience to whom an early draft is shown and if they like it then that draft is the final draft. So, let’s see what the teat audience has to say about the movie.

So, pretty much everyone who saw the film like it. Everyone had one thing in mind that will it be as good as Avengers Endgame. The answer is NO!! Simply because these two films are completely different films based on very different topics. Sure they both exist in the same universe but if you want to compare the movie then compare it with the first part. Well, if you compare the movie with the first part, then the movie is simply amazing. Everyone liked it and all are saying that the movie is much better than the first part. There are two post-credit scenes in this film. As this is a no spoiler review so we won’t discuss the scene but surely the movie is going to blow your mind.

So, this the review for the movie. Write down in the comments below if you are excited about the movie and do not forget to watch Avengers Endgame in theaters again next week. Spider-man Far From Home is set to release in theaters on 2nd July 2019.

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