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The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Is Going To Be Updated! Here’s the List Of Celebrities Who Will Be Receiving The Stars!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has always meant a great deal for the actors, musician or any artists. It is the ultimate award they receive for their work, and that their name will be engraved forever in the world. Sometimes, stars have to work very hard to achieve that title. Many of them can’t do it in a lifetime. The critics aren’t very easygoing about who gets the title. But, 2019 has a very impressive list of names who will be achieving The Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Here’s the list of those celebrities:

  1. Julia Roberts
  2. Chris Hemsworth 
  3. Spike Lee
  4. Milo Ventimiglia 
  5. Andy Cohen 
  6. Cindy Crawford 
  7. Alicia Keys 
  8. Elvis Costello 
  9. 50 Cent
  10. Billy Potter 
  11. Susan Stamberg 
  12. Windy Williams 
  13. Dr Phil McGraw
  14. Harry Friedman

These celebrities have worked very hard to achieve this title. Milo Ventimiglia stars in the blockbuster series “This Is Us”. But, before that, he was famous for playing a role in Gilmore Girls.

Dr Phil has his own popular show of the same name. Alicia Keys and Cindy Crawford have a legacy of their own, that no one can easily achieve. All of these artists have something very special and are worthy of being named among the people whose works are influential and unforgettable.

Therefore, these people will be inducted on the    Walk of Fame in 2020. Many of them are truly overdue and should’ve been there a long time ago. But, it’s better late than never… Their work will continue to inspire us and make us fall more in love with them.

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