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FIFA 20: Crucial Improvements FIFA Need To Implement This Year

FIFA 20 is on its way and it’s coming with street mode Volta in the next edition. However, there are some major improvements in the game that EA should consider to implement.

Stoppage whistle at counter attacks

The most irritating thing in EA Sports FIFA is the referee blown the whistle suddenly. most cases happened when you are on the counter-attack and nearly could get a goal. All of a sudden referee blown the whistle to halt the game and you are absolutely devastated with this move. So FIFA should take this under consideration and remove it from their database.

Connection Glitches

There are many glitches with connections to the EA servers, it happened most of the occasions that connection been lost. This makes players lose their valuable points in the game and the result is unfair for one especially. Sometimes there is no points deduction whether a player is winning by a far margin, so its need to be fixed in FIFA 20.

Career Mode Improvements

Fans also demand some improvements in Career mode, they simply demanded the introduction of the latest transfer. The ceremonies are no longer part of the FIFA so they also want Award ceremonies like FIFA best player and many more.

Press Conference

The press conference is still a missing feature in the FIFA franchise. There is no feature of Press conferences till now. So this feature needs to introduce in the next edition of FIFA. Transfer negotiations mechanism would be the best option to implement this feature.


Cross-platform is crucial in FIFA, as there are many factors which could benefit the experience of FIFA.

  • Better Matchmaking

it’s pretty obvious, no one wants to wait longer for a match and with the same platform’s system, it’s always late for matchmaking. so with the cross-platform matchmaking process will be smooth and players will find their competitors easily.

  • Level of Competition

FIFA has a good level of competition, but it is based on ranks and seasons division wise. So to extend the competition players from every platform should emerge in one. So that the competition builds higher and tough for the experience of FIFA.

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