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GTA 6: Game Won’t Come In Two Or Three Years! Gaming Legend Confirms

Heartbreaking news for all GTA fans as GTA 6 will not be on board until two or more years. We are not stating this fact but a legendary gamer Shroud confirmed it in a twitch ask session.

Shroud confirmed in an answerable way, “We probably won’t see another GTA for another two more years or something, at least,”. So he indicated that game is still far away from the development and a possible reveal.

But there are some reasons which are suitable for the fact that the game is not officially unveiled till now.

Why The Game is not officially Revealed Yet?

No confirmation By Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games didn’t even confirm the game for a possible release. But there are rumors floating around for a possible release which quite awkward for the game. There is no confirmation by the company itself, only assumptions are made according to possible rumors.

Game Could be In Developing Phase

The game could be still in the developing phase and not ready for a possible exhibition at E3. But Rockstar Games got a trick up to their sleeves and could surprise the fans with showing a glimpse of the game. So there is nothing from the developers’ side which is worthy of an exhibition.

Rumors Advantage

It looks like Rockstar is taking advantage of rumors to stay in the limelight. this confuses fans and trend of the game seems to be at no end.

Skipping E3 conference

This year Rockstar games opted for dropping the E3 event and killed the chances of a possible reveal. So it’s much of a concern that this year GTA 6 unveil became a huge doubt for the franchise. Fans need answers or any information regarding the game but it is what it is.

Ways to Unveil Game

GTA 6 Reveal At Sony Conference

As there are rumors that the title would be exclusive on next-gen PlayStation, so this could be a major turning point in its reveal. GTA 6 showcase could happen at the time of the Sony standalone conference for it’s expected the reveal of PlayStation 5.

Standalone Conference

So now there is no chance of GTA 6 to be revealed at the biggest event and now we have to wait for Sony for their move. Rockstar Games could reveal GTA 6 in its own separate event, let’s hope for the best.

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