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Keanu Reeves ‘Matrix 4’: Will Neo Ever Come Back To The Big Screens! What Are The Possibilities

When it comes to The Matrix, Reeves is always as synonymous with the movie as anything else. This has left the fans with an immense hope that soon there will be a release of The Matrix 4 Reboot.

What Is The Plot Of The Matrix 4 Reboot?

We don’t know as to what capacity is in store of Keanu Reeves or the Wachowskis. We know that they will be involved in the reboot of The Matrix 4 which may return to focus on a young Morpheus. Laurence Fishburne previously portrayed the Zion operative, but his backstory was relatively unexplored in the original trilogy.

Will Neo Return To The Matrix 4?

It is almost impossible for the fans to picture anyone else other than Keanu Reeves as Neo in the Matrix 4 but however, there is someone who might enact the role better than Keanu Reeves— Will Smith. 

Back in the 90’s century, Will Smith was offered the role of Neo in the ‘The Matrix’ but he usually turned it down and rejected the role. After that, an editor from the Usual Suspect said that he made a trailer in which he removed some of Keanu Reeves’s scene with that of Will Smith, in which there were some similar poses in order to see how Will would look in the role if cast.

Image Source – GQ

After he had edited the video and had rotobrushed in After Effects and color corrected the video a new masterpiece was born with Will Smith acting in the video as Neo. Therefore it is decided that after Keanu Reeves it will be Will Smith who shall be taken as the cast to enact the role of Neo in the ‘Matrix 4’.

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