Tom Holland Wants A Doctor Strange And Spider-man Team Up Movie


Spider-man and Doctor Strange first met each other in 2018s Avengers Infinity War, and needless to say both debuted in MCU in 2016. It was recently said by Tom Holland that he wants a Spider-man and Doctor Strange team-up movie. So, let’s break it down.

So, during the promotional event of Spider-man Far From Home, Tom Holland was about his favorite character in the MCU. He Replied, “I’m really wanting to do a team-up with Doctor Strange because we’re both New Yorkers and I just really like the idea of a science guy being teamed up with a guy who does magic because it totally contradicts everything he knows. And I like the idea that there is real science that Peter Parker talks about, and then there’s Doctor Strange gibberish, where he’s like ‘The time rift and the thing and the thing.’ So it’s kind of fun”. There was a theory that suggested that Doctor Strange might be in Spider-man Far From Home but, it is confirmed that he won’t be present in the movie as he has got his own problems to deal with.

Marvel hasn’t really done a team-up film with two headlining characters, although at this point, anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thor is up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, while Bucky and Sam who kind of hate each other are teaming up in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Also, we are going to get a WandaVision show on Disney+. So right now we really cannot say anything about the future of MCU. Write down in the comments below your favorite team up between superheroes, that you want to see.


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