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Warning! Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Watch ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Alone!

Annabelle Comes Home is an upcoming addition to ‘The Conjuring’ universe created by James Wan. This horror film will be released on June 26, 2019, by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures. It all started with the first movie ‘The Conjuring’ and James Wan was the infamous producer.

The Conjuring was a gamechanger for horror movie genre because of the chills it gave us. Annabelle Comes Home is third in line for the Annabelle series. What makes the entire ‘The Conjuring’ universe is so spooky that the movies are all inspired by real-life events. But you know what they say. If a horror movie is based on real events, it’s automatically going to be a thousand times scarier. The same is with Annabelle Comes Home.

The upcoming horror movie will be based on Ed and Lorraine Warren, two infamous paranormal investigators. In this movie, the couple won’t be dealing with other families, but with paranormal incidents happening in their house and with their daughter. What makes this movie the spookiest out of all the three Annabelle movies is that the scary looking, possessed doll will leave her case and begins to haunt Warren’s daughter, Judy.

The movie will focus not only on Annabelle but also on other supernatural forces that will all come together to make things difficult for the Warrens. It all started when Judy calls over a friend. Warning her friend about the consequences of going into the forbidden room, her friend ignores them anyway and touches the artifacts that had been collected from different paranormal sites. The movie is yet to come, but watching it alone would not be a good idea.

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