Are We Going To See The Sinister Six In Spider-man Far From Home?


Recently there was a leak that suggested that we are going to see The Sinister Six in the post-credit scene of Spider-man Far From Home. But, now it seems like this might not be happening. So, let’s see what we can expect from Spider-man Far From Home Post-Credit scene.

So, in previous leaks, it seemed like we were going to see Osborn and he assembles the sinister six. But, the very first screening happened and it looks like the post-credit scenes are completely different from what we expected. The first post credit scene is Mysterio releasing a video that shows that Peter Parker is Spider-man and he was responsible for the attacks in Europe by the Elementals. The second post credit scene is Nick Fury going to talk to a Skrull and asking him to take his place for a while, as he wants to go on a holiday. There is no reference of Osborn, Oscorp or TheSinister Six in Spider-man Far From Home. It seemed like Marvel was going to introduce the Sinister Six in Spider-man Far From Home because in the trailers we see that the old Avengers Tower is being renovated.

So, it was expected that Osborn bought the Avengers Tower and instead of ‘A’ written on the skyscraper, its written Oscorp. But now we know that Marvel is not introducing Osborn and The Sinister Six in Phase 3. Marvel is keeping this for some future movies. Write down your thoughts about your expectations from the movie in the comments down below.


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