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Avengers Endgame Post Credit Scene Will Feature A Stan Lee Tribute And A Hulk Post Credit Scene

Last week it was announced that Avengers Endgame is going to hit the theater this weekend and everyone has been wondering, what are we going to see this re-release print. Well, finally we know what to expect from the movie. So, let’s break it down.

Marvel revealed that the post-credit will include a tribute scene, a deleted scene, and a surprise. So, obviously, the tribute scene is going to be for Stan Lee who passed away last year in November. it was expected that the deleted scene will feature Katherine Langford as older Morgan Stark. Tony Stark when snaps his fingers enters the soul world will meet an older version of his daughter and they have a conversation. But, it feels like fans have to wait for this scene for a few weeks more until the blu-ray print releases. The deleted scene is going to feature Hulk. It is expected that Bruce Banner is in a Gamma lab and he is trying to bring the Hulk out. So, they both are going to have a settlement. Hulk’s body and Bruce Banner’s mind. The surprise scene is going to include a scene from Spider-man Far From Home. This scene will be in the movie in case you do not make it to the theaters to see Endgame re-release.

So, this is what will be included in the post-credit scene of the re-release of Avengers Endgame. The movie is going to hit the theaters on 28th June 2019 which is a Friday. It will stay in the cinema hall for only 3 days and will be removed from all the theaters on Sunday night. Write down in the comments below if you are excited to watch Avengers Endgame again in theaters.

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