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Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Are Rumored To Perform A ‘Secret’ Set At Glastonbury!

A Star Is Born co-stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are rumored to give a ‘secret’ performance in Glastonbury. The Glastonbury Festival that takes place this week will perhaps have these co-stars reunite to give one last performance.

The dream team could be performing a collection of songs from the academy-award nominated movie; Park Stage will be the place to be during the event if this duo happens. In conversation with hosts Simon Rimmer Tim Lovejoy, Edith Bowman let on that we may, after all, get to see one surprise act at the Festival.

Edith even went on to retell a recent conversation she had had with Bradley; he was in talks with the co-organiser of Glastonbury, Emily Eavis. He had asked the co-organiser about the possibility of performing at the festival.

Emily Eavis had also let slip that she is aware of one particular act that might surprise people. Emily herself wanted both of them to do a live gig. He wasn’t reluctant to the idea and was rather excited about taking Park Stage with Gaga.

The PR teams of both have made no comment as of now.  Scheduled for June 26 and 30, the festival will take place at Worthy Farm. Among some of the performers will be Kylie, Janet Jackson, Liam Gallagher, and Miley Cyrus.
After Cooper’s split with Irina due to the increasing closeness between him and Gaga, the couple has been cooling it off. People were rooting for the duo but Gaga said it was just acting.

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