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Spider-man Far From Home Full Plot Leak Revealed

Spider-man Far From Home is only one week away and we are getting new types of spoilers and plot leaks for the movie. Now we would keep getting leaks about the movie every day until the movie releases. This leak comes from a Reddit user r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers who saw the movie during the early screening. So, let’s see what the movie has in store for us. Spoiler Alert if you do not want your movie to be spoiled then click away now.

So r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers writes:

The beginning starts with a montage of the dead heroes from the events of Endgame, this is a video that was put together by Peter himself. Mysterio tries to become Peter’s new mentor. Mysterio manipulates Peter, uses Tony Stark and Iron Man visions against him. Aunt May sneaks in Peter’s blue/red suit in his luggage. Mysterio is from regular MCU world, was lying about coming from another world. Beck used to work for Stark, stole some tech and tried to become the new hero in lieu of Iron Man. A small¬†handful of Peter’s classmates and teachers were snapped, while the others have aged up five years. Peter is introduced to new high tech that belonged to Iron Man, with the help from Happy and “Fury”–there is no Tony Stark AI in Peter’s suit or in this high tech lab–this is where Peter makes the new black/red suit. Stealth suit was provided by “Fury” and “Hill”, Peter thinks it is too clunky. Mysterio uses projections, drone equipment, and other things to make Molten Man and Hydro-Man and the others. Michelle and Peter are officially dating. Ned and MJ destroy some of the drones, this is where the Funko Pop of MJ with the Mace comes into play. Mysterio “dies”, and in post-credits, he somehow releases an edited video showing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and was responsible for the attacks, J. Jonah Jameson is back and played yet again by JK Simmons (several people on Twitter have hinted this is what will make people miss the Raimi films). Talos and another Skrull were asked to take Fury and Hill’s place on Earth while the real ones are “on holiday” – this is why “Fury” gets mad at Peter earlier in the film for mentioning Captain Marvel. We don’t see any aftermath of Peter’s identity getting revealed as it cuts out just like how May’s reaction in the first film’s post-credit scene. There is no Chameleon, there is no Osborn, there is no Pepper Potts, there is no B.A.R.F., there is no Morgan, there is no Vulture, no Scorpion or hints at any other of Spidey’s rogue gallery.

This comes from a very reliable source as what this page has ever posted is most of the time correct. Write down in the comments below what you think of this leak and are you still interested in watching Spider-man Far From Home?

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