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Spider-man Far From Home: Where Is Mysterio Actually From?

Many leaks for Spider-man Far From Home are out. The movie is only one week away from its release and we are getting all kinds of Spoilers, leaks, and TV Spots. So, in a recent leak by a Reddit user r/MarvelStudiosSpoiler, Mysterio is not what it seems from the trailers. So, let’s break it down.

So, a leak by this Reddit user suggests that Mysterio is not from another Earth, he is from the original MCU Universe and he worked for Tony Stark. So, ideally he worked for Stark Industries and when Tony died, then he stole some Stark tech. Now, Mysterio wants to be a superhero after Iron Man. So, in order to be a hero, he has to fight some villains. So, Mysterio uses Drones and Projections to create Molten Man and Hydro-Man. So, Ned and MJ are going to help Peter defeat those drones as Ned is really good with computers. Many people wondered that from what was Mysterio’s suit made of. There were rumors that it is made from Chituari tech. But, now it is clear that Mysterio’s suit is made from Stark Tech. In the comics also, Mysterio is an illusionist who wants to be a superhero.

So, he is pretending to be a hero, but will eventually die at the end of the film. So, in the post-credit scene, he somehow releases a video in which it is shown that Peter Parker is Spider-man and he is responsible for all the attacks in Europe. Write down in the comments below if you think that this leak is legit and believable.

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