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Zendaya Comes To Defend HBO’s Euphoria; Claims Show Is Paramount In The Aftermath Of Metoo Campaign!

HBO is now famous for shows that are provocative in nature; first Game of Thrones and now Euphoria.
Euphoria fosters graphic scenes that include profanity, drug addiction, and mental disorders. The Gen-Z generation, if we may be so bold to say, is absolutely messed up. This show is hence best made for the viewership of 14-19-year-olds.

Zendaya, who plays Rue a 17-year-old, says that she’s not concerned that some of the scenes of Euphoria are ‘uncalled for’ in the age of #Metoo movement. She was in support of women having the freedom to choose their preferences whatever they may be and not be attacked for it. The 22-year old felt that as long as the show is made with the main focus being girls and not the male aspect of it all then the show can prove very empowering for girls.

It does rightly seem to portray the struggles of today’s generation with insecurity, mental disorders, inferiority complex and peer pressure. This show needed to be done in order for the people to understand where the rebellious nature of teens comes from. Euphoria goes on to show that teens only act out because there is always something unpleasant going on around them.

Zendaya went on to say that she looks at her character Rue in the light of a younger sister. She feels protective of her and wants her to make good choices.

In this era of social media, where everyone has a screen in their faces, finding real connections are tough. That is why teens as such take to dating sites to find anonymous partners for comfort. Zendaya confessed she has known a lot of teens who are going through the same things shown in the show.

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