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Barack Obama And George Clooney Bond Over A Boat Ride With Wives!

Barack Obama has been enjoying his time out of office. He had recently been on vacation with wife, Michelle, and two daughters and is now canoeing with George Clooney and Amal. The four took a boat ride near Clooney’s mansion in northern Italy on Sunday.

The former two-time-running president and Clooney were going to a formal event; being in suits without ties. The two couples were attending George’s charity dinner for his foundation called The Clooney Foundation for Justice. He founded the organization that contributes to the marginalized communities; the ones that have become a victim to violation of human rights abuses. Their work area also focuses on countries’ persecution of rival states by way of legal systems.

Amal Clooney, the wife of George Clooney, has expertise in this area as being an international human rights lawyer. This charitable foundation keeps an eye out for governments who exploit people by using their legal systems.

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Amal, aged 41, married the Hollywood heartthrob in 2014. She has handled some high profile cases like representing Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder. Amal represented Armenia for its struggle to achieve recognition for the Armenian genocide. She has been very proactive in taking steps for bettering the human rights situation.

Amal wore an orange and blue maxi dress and looked chic in it, George wore a gray suit; both of them got down onto a dock. The two couples seemed to be hitting it off, given their common interests and status.  Michelle was spotted wearing black formal trousers with a frilled white top.

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