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HBO’s Euphoria: Episode 2 Review And Plot Developments That You Missed!

HBO’s Euphoria, which is a teen-drama show, has made a reputation for itself and it isn’t particularly being received well. The show that aired its pilot on 16 June has since received a lot of criticism for its graphic nature.

The reason for criticism arises from the essence of the show that is basically to truly replicate today’s teen life. Gone are the days when a ‘criminal’ like Judd Nelson used to get the girl and when ‘Regina George’s of the world used to rule the halls. This is the age of social media and drug abuse and mental disorders.

That is why this show wins at the correct portrayal of the struggles of today’s teen life.
Episode 1 delved into the basic drug abuse habits; how the lead character Rue played by Zendaya found an escape in the high of drugs. It delved into the fat-shaming practices prevalent at school that makes girls like Kat feel insecure and hence lash out. It showed us the prevalence of catcalling practices and peer pressure.

However it may be, the pilot episode came out to seem a little thin.
Episode 2 made things a bit more intense. We finally get a little inside look at what happens in the Jacob household. Nate’s psychotic need for dominance is highlighted as being the result of a disturbing childhood; Kat maneuvers through being shamed for her acts at the party and Rue befriends Jules.

The sucker-punch of the episode, however, was hands-down the reveal that Nate is the ‘anonymous’ guy talking to Jules. Jules seems to be smitten with this guy who she thinks to be a random good person, is, in fact, being catfished by the son of the man she hooked up with. More to come in the next episode on 30 June.

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