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Kim Kardashian Receives Heat Oaver New Line Of “All Size Inclusive” Shape-wear!

Kimono, Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, was inspired by her passion for shapewear that is up-to-date with all the technicalities. She wanted the shapewear to be appropriate for every body type and to touch all types of specifications. The sizes available go from XXS-4XL and have nine shades of nude.

Kim Kardashian announced on Tuesday that she is ready to show the world her al new project. She had expressed that she was passionate about this idea for the last 15 years.

She expresses the moderations made into the shapewear to make it more adjustable to the dresses of today. Most of the red carpet dresses today have slits in them and she wanted shapewear that fulfills both needs. The Solution Short, what they call it, is an asymmetrical bike short-type shaper that has one leg with a higher cut and one with a normal one.

The Kimono collection contains bralettes, a bodysuit, traditional briefs, an asymmetrical panty-biker short, a thong panty, and a bike short.

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Controversy arose regarding this new product when critics pointed out the lack of diversity in the advertising models. It so happened that even though this shapewear was for “every body-type” its advertisement did not advertise the product to the XXS and 4XL sections.

Kim’s defense was that she has been finding it hard to get models with similar skin tones. Rhianna seems to be doing better in the beauty business as she makes sure to advertise to buyers of all body-types. Her Savage x Fenty collaboration has been an all size inclusive line of lingerie. Looks like Kim needs to take notes from RiRi.

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