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HBO’s Euphoria: Sam Levinson Lets On The Reason Behind The ‘Locker Room Scene’!

The second episode of HBO’s Euphoria has stirred up more controversy than before with the viewers calling one scene in particular, “unnecessary”. The second episode went on on 23rd June somewhat scarring its viewers with the infamous ‘locker scene’.

Nate Jacobs, played by Jacob Elordi, was narrating the locker room scene. The issue with the scene is such that you can see around 30 of Nate’s classmates flash themselves.

Sam Levinson, the creator of the show, says that the show, in fact, depicts his own teen life. This episode, he revealed, previously had more people in the locker room but HBO had it cut out. In Episode one, the scene with Jules and Nate in the kitchen was actually the reenactment of a true occurrence. Teens who struggle with love, social media, drugs, and mental disorders are the main focus of the show.

People are terming this controversial scene as being “unnecessary” and that it was in poor taste. The reason for this huge resentment could be because of the disparity between similar female scenes and male scenes. If you know HBO then you know that female profanity isn’t objected (Game of Thrones, duh) but male profanity is. Perhaps because of the rarity of it, people have their problems but it is as natural as any other scene.

Moreover, the scene was not “unnecessary” because it went on to give away what was going on inside Nate’s head. His psyche, his thoughts, his resentment to homo people and his urge to sustain his masculinity. Sam said that the scene was also supposed to nudge towards horror film Carrie that has a similar locker room scene.

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