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HBO’s Euphoria: Zendaya Comments On The ‘Locker Room Scene’ Controversy!

On a chat show on Tuesday Zendaya was questioned about the Episode 2 of HBO’s new teen-drama series Euphoria. It so happened that the episode that aired on 23rd June 2019 had a scene of questionable content.

The scene has Jacob Elordi playing Nate in a locker room surrounded by his exposed classmates all cheering for him. Stephen Colbert made a laugh out it and said that the show does save money in bulk.

Zendaya, dressed in a tangerine dress with a sweetheart neckline, was laughing like crazy banging the desk with her hand. Stephen was curious as to Zendaya’s reaction to this scene as was the audience. The scene has been highlighted for many reasons some among which are that male profanity isn’t that prevalent on home television. Also because well most of the media houses like to focus on the number “30” that is going along the headlines.

HBO is perhaps now becoming infamous for its dependence on exposed scenes; Chernobyl, Game of Thrones and Euphoria all carry moments of flashing. Zendaya had the view that such male scenes are evening out the playground; Stephen Colbert joked that it’d be some while before the field is even.

Zendaya also let loose what made her take up the show. The gritty show was a hard choice but she just cared so much for the character of Rue that she had to take it. She described having ‘a feeling’ about the show. In her free time between shots, she likes to take naps and sometimes watches crime documentaries.

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