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No Way! Richard Reid Made A Snide Comment About The Hadid Sisters!

Richard Reid, the Former Today show entertainment correspondent, is famous for his blunt commentary and unapologetic sense of humor.

On the Wednesday episode of 20 to One, the fashion guru went a little too far when he made harsh and unnecessary comments about the Hadid sisters. On the show, there was a segment about Yolanda Foster, the sisters’ mother; Richard joked that Victoria’s Secret models, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid, “don’t eat”. Yolanda’s fridge has made a name for itself when Richard joked about the irony. “It is ironic that a family of models celebrates their fridge when we know that they don’t eat!”

The Hadid sisters have been approached for comment but nothing has been said yet. The fridge that they were talking about is an all-glass floor-to-ceiling refrigerator; a piece of their previous $27.5million house in Malibu, California. Comically the fridge has its own Twitter account with a bustling 15,000 followers.

Image Source- The Telegraph

Richard has also previously commented on Karl Stefanovic, the former Today show host, by saying that he wasn’t very friendly. Richard claims that he has tried to treat everyone with equality and respect but Karl was problematic. Karl, he accuses, wasn’t friendly and would put down Richard.

Richard defended the show’s authority by saying that 20 to One was a light-hearted program; claiming they never breached any broadcast regulations. What is ironic is Richard pointing fingers at former co-host when in fact he can pass comments that are in poor taste. The Sisters have made no comment, nor has Yolanda acknowledged it.

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