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Oops! Lamar Odom Struggles With The Idea Of Wishing Khloe On Her Birthday!

June 27 marks Khloe Kardashian’s 35th Birthday but most likely Lamar Odom, the ex-husband, will not be wishing her. Lamar misses Khloe that much was clear from his interview about his new book. Lamar has expressed a lot of his confused feelings regarding Khloe in Darkness To Light. He even went out to be so bold to say that he wants to get back with Khloe.

The situation is delicate with Khloe and Lamar is struggling with how to approach her if at all. Although Lamar, 39, has no beef with Khloe; Khloe even congratulated him on his new book. But he can’t help feeling that the situation is rather sensitive because of Lamar’s feelings. The cold feet aside, it would be a little rude for Lamar to not wish Khloe for they are civil with each other.

The ex-husband has given this ‘birthday wish’ a lot of thought. The fear of rejection in any form looms over him even though they’ve also been on a texting basis. No face to face meeting has happened for a while now but Lamar would surely have no problem. After the Tristan Thompson scandal? There might be hope yet for these two.

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His book Darkness To Light also talks about his career in NBA, his drug addiction and alcoholism among other things. In an interview, Lamar had also gone on to say that he’d still be with Khloe if he had done some things differently. Leaving the high life would’ve surely helped this scene but let bygones be bygones right?

While Khloe and Lamar were already discussing divorce in 2015, Lamar had gone through a drug OD. Despite the sympathy factor, they went with the divorce. Chances look slim for Lamar as Khloe has said she’ll never again date a cheater.

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