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Richard Dreyfuss Recounts Feuds With Bill Murray And Calls Him A Despicable Pig!

Bill Murray is one of those actors that has seen the entire journey of Hollywood. For that very reason, he’s very respected and reputed for having also won many Golden Globes, Emmys and also an Oscar. He’s quite a likable personality who is considered to be “cool” by fans. One could term his acting style as being so casual it doesn’t seem like acting at all.

Behind the scenes, the actor has earned a different reputation for himself though. The talk goes that the ‘Ghostbusters‘ is actually quite a jerk in real life. He was once rude to some innocent bystander, has picked up verbal fights with co-stars and directors. He has also reportedly been unfaithful and/or abusive to his ex-wives.

Even after reports and stories of his misconduct people in general and fans are still in awe of him. Richard Dreyfuss recounts another negative Murray story in an interview.
On the sets of “What About Bob?” the actor allegedly got into a feud, news of which never came out before.

Image Source-Daily Wire

He was behaving like an unprofessional drunk, “an Irish drunk bully” as they quote who was all up in people’s face and even threw an ashtray at Richard. Dreyfuss said that on the sets of “What About Bob?” the two had trouble getting along although it did help the characters in the movie. At a party, once he got into Richard’s face and screamed at the top of his lungs. Richard whipped back at him and got up and left.

Richard does not care what the 71-year-old’s reputation is, he finds him to a despicable pig.

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