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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3: Did Episode 6 “Household” Finally Begin The Descent Into The Rebellion?

The Handmaid’s Tale is airing its third installment into the series and episode 6, Household has got the fandom shook. The episode that aired on 26 June was a game changer for the entire series yet.

When the show began, the only development we saw was the gruesome results of disobedience. There was some to-and-fro with Fred but mostly it was the very beginning and nowhere close to the Rebellion arc. We had seen the existence of the resistance and how the network worked. We didn’t, however, get to see some of the major developments that went on in the underground.

The whole idea of the show entails that there’ll be a fight, a final battle for freedom. Either the Gilead regime will fall or it will expand. If the Season needed to have subheadings then the first season would be the ‘Gilead: We’re Just Getting Started’; Season 2 would be ‘Messy and Off The Rails’. The third Season could easily be the ‘beginning of the end’.

Season 3 was the first time there were mentions of the front line in Chicago and now we’ll see Nick on the scene. Never before had we any clue as to what the fighting in this new world looked like, what’s their firepower like. The Swiss have conveyed Canada’s concerns for war because they can’t possibly beat Gilead in a fight. Being very powerful militarily no one wants to engage with it.

Unless of course, if in the coming seasons there is a mention of a cure for the infertility epidemic, that could certainly bring changes. Gilead’s whole premise depends on the fact that Gilead women can’t bear children and that is why handmaids are required. If under the circumstance that a cure should come up, there will no longer be a need for handmaids nor Gilead. This could perhaps lead the rest of the world to turn to Gilead with the intentions of wanting change. Now that we’re well settled with the atrocities of Gilead and three escape attempts of June; no better time to start off or at least introduce the possibility of a Rebellion.

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