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Madonna Faces Backlash Over Her New ‘Extremely Insensitive’ Video!

Madonna, the 60-year-old singer, released a song on Wednesday, the 27th of June 2019. The song is called “God Control“. The official video now has over 2 million views. In the description of the song, Madonna expresses how profoundly gun violence affects children and adults alike. Gun violence is an extremely sensitive topic which has been the focus of the video.

The Orlando shootings of the Pulse Nightclub that took place in 2016 have been replicated in God Control’s video. People took to criticizing Madonna for the insensitive duplication of such a sensitive issue. However, Madonna was trying to make the same point. Gun violence affects people and the uncanny resemblance of the Orlando shootings is being criticized. According to a source, it was ‘grossly accurate’.

The video also portrays how people went on to the streets to protest against laidback gun laws in the country. The outrage was aptly presented in the video.

The survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shootings, Patience Carter, claimed that it was traumatizing. Madonna solely touched upon such a sensitive topic to bring about awareness. She believes that this grave issue needs to be addressed immediately before another incident occurs. Madonna also thinks that gun violence is the biggest prevalent problem in her country as of now.

Patience Carter took the matter to Twitter and tweeted to Madonna that the efforts put by her to create awareness over the issue were great but she couldn’t watch the video after 45 seconds. She also mentioned that Madonna should have been more considerate in taking up the issue. The portrayal of the message could’ve been done in some other way. Patience found the video extremely disturbing.

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